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That’s actually a theory incorporated into M-theory (string theory)

Sorry, I just used the word theory three times. 

Basically, there is a possibility, if string theory is correct and atoms are actually made up of tiny strings vibrating in 10 dimensions, we could have infinite parallel universes inside each and every quark contained in our body. We’re huge to them, and tiny to the universe WE are contained in. 

How bout that? There could be billions upon trillions of creatures, things, worlds, inside each atom inside us. Infinite universes in one quark. 

Mia your geek is showing.

This is why I study physics.

…whoah. brb, contemplating this forever.

So does that mean that when we die all those billions of universes and creatures die within us?


I knew I am a god

I fucking knew it

holy crap that is like world-ception

Dude what if stories and characters are real living in one of the many universes in the mind of the author. The author just happens to be in touch with them in someway.


This is where our characters live.

these are my legit beliefs.

Why am I in the most boring universe

Reblog this if you like to RP with people for more reasons than simply wanting their Muse to be in love with yours. If you actually enjoy building a relationship (whatever kind it may be) between them, rather than just starting out with the pure intent of making their Muse love yours.



It’s just a little annoying when I feel that somebody is trying to force my Muse into a relationship. If it so happens that one develops between them while we RP than that’s great, I love it when that happens, but I’m not going to change my Muse’s personality simply to suit your want for them to love yours.

would be nice

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